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TelexFREE is a global marketing company focused in the telecommunications and financial services industry. The company began as Common Cents Communications back in 2002 when founder, James Merrill saw an increasing need to provide more affordable phone service for country-to-country calling.

What began with rechargeable VOIP cards, quickly evolved to take advantage of faster VOIP digital online technology. On February 15, 2012 the company officially became TelexFREE. They have continued to upgrade the user communication experience by adding several benefits to their flat-rate monthly service plan .

International Expansion

TelexFREE began offering services in Brazil early in 2012. The business model expanded rapidly and within 10 months, they had engaged nearly 300,000 Promoters, creating 23 new millionaires. The number of Promoters more than doubled shortly afterwards.

In fact, the TelexFREE website became so popular in Brazil, Alexa rated it 33, indicating it was among the top 50 visited sites in Brazil. This amazing accomplishment, in a short period of time validates both the TelexFREE business model and product offering.

Unfortunately, the Brazilian regulations have become prohibitive to the TelexFREE business model and services. As a result, the Brazilian service has been temporarily suspended pending regulatory reviews.

United States Expansion

Back in the states, Telex has been in operation since January of 2013. The market and U.S. opportunity should prove to be as large, if not larger than in Brazil. As more products are added to the TelexFREE offering, Promoters will continue to join in great numbers.

Those who join TelexFREE ahead of this U.S. curve will become market leaders for a country who pioneered network marketing and leads the world in many other business endeavors.

Executive Leadership

TelexFREE began with a single vision to provide affordable, quality service to a worldwide family using powerful technology. James Merrill has since, surrounded himself with an executive team that enables and strengthens.

James Merrill
James Merrill
President, CEO and Founder

Born into a typical American home in 1961, James Merrill began life as an inquisitive child. He later graduated in economics, with the class of 1985 at Westfield State University.

As an innovative man of great vision, he discovered a huge opportunity in Brazil. Upon learning how much Brazilians in the US were spending in making phone calls back to Brazil, James set out to create a solution.

What Merrill saw as a huge market would later become TelexFREE. Using his knowledge of recent cutting-edge telecommunications technology, he formed a company in 2002 to take full advantage of Voice-Over Internet Protocol (VOIP). He began by issuing rechargeable VOIP cards, which became an instant success. His vision soon expanded across borders, as his services became available in numerous new countries.

Gerald P. Nehra
Gerald P. Nehra
Chief Legal Counsel

Muskegon, Michigan based attorney, Gerald Nehra, is a lawyer specializing in Network Marketing law. His credentials include a current license in Michigan, New York, Colorado and the Federal Court of the United States.

For more than 42 years, his prestigious career has spanned such companies as IBM, where he spent 8 years on their legal team, as well as 9 years as Director of Amway’s Legal Division.

Nehra began his private law practice in 1992, Nehra & Waak, to focus on the growing needs of the Network Marketing Industry. TelexFREE was fortunate enough to engage Nehra in an exclusive partnership to protect their legal interests in the direct selling telecommunications arena.

Carlos Costa
Carlos Costa
International Director

Brazilian, native Carlos Costa lives in Vitoria Espirito Santo where he’s carved out a profitable business career in numerous national ventures. He is highly regarded as a businessman, and now lends his years of experience to the TelexFREE opportunity.

Costa’s vast knowledge and business expertise earned him the position of Chief Executive of the Brazilian branch of TelexFREE. His leadership will be instrumental in leading the company into the future and across international borders.


TelexFREE corporate headquarters are located in Marlborough, Massachusetts.

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TelexGlobal is focused on providing you the critical tools and training you need to build a strong TelexFREE business. We are team or group neutral, and choose to provide our knowledge to anyone with a desire to move forward. So join us today, and dramatically grow your business tomorrow.

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